Video Story Draft


During my Spring 2013 semester at Washington State University, I was introduced to the Hapa Project. It is a multiracial identity project created by artist Kip Fulbeck. Hapa is a Hawaiian word meaning half, and is used to describe people of mixed ethnicity who are half-white and half-Asian and/or Pacific Islander. As a person of color, I have my own experiences of being a “minority.” However, I never considered what it is like to have a foot in both worlds—not until I watched some of Kip’s videos.

The reason I found myself drawn to Kip’s project is that my own children are 100% hapa. I chide myself for not being more aware of any problems they may have struggled with in terms of identity. I decided to use this project as an opportunity to ask them to share their thoughts and feelings about being biracial. While I have three adult children, only one was comfortable with the idea of shooting a video.

As you can see, this project is far from complete. This draft is missing my part of the narration, and ends rather abruptly. I hope that you will get the gist of my video and can provide insightful feedback. I seem to be struggling more with this unit than with previous assignments. Even my storyboard is messed up because I don’t know how to format it from Excel.


Time Video/Photo Audio

0:00 Open with swirl effect
00:00 – 00;00;20;11 Hapa Title with still photos with cross dissolve between each picture Introduction to Video
00;00;20;11 Dip to black to begin video
00;00;20;12 Video of Janelle with cross dissolve transitions each time she changes the subject Janelle
00;01;43;04 Add picture of her daughter in upper right corner of video
00;01;51;27 Cross fade to new picture
00;01;56;01 Cross fade to new picture
00;02;13;18 Remove corner picture
00;02;17;25 Cross fade to new picture Wrap up (Ramona)
00;02;18;26 Changing faces text
00;02;21;04 End video


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