Adobe Audition – Draft of My Audio Story

My Family

I created this draft of my audio story using Adobe Audition software, a digital camera, and Soundcloud. In keeping with my blog theme of family, I interviewed several members of my ‘ohana. They include my oldest son, daughter, grandchildren, stepchildren, cousins, in-laws, friends, etc. I recorded their responses to the question, “What is family?”
I left out some of the interviews in my audio story because some kids are too difficult to understand, and others pretty much repeat the answers of others. (As a side note, it felt very good to hear them define family in the same way.)

I went through several editing sessions with each interview. The first time I cut out all the uhms, ahs, and long pauses. After I decided what wanted to say in my story, I went through the interviews and cut out the responses I wanted to include. For example, my daughter’s original response was over one minute. Instead of using the entire recording, I cut out various sections that fit my narrative. I taped myself for the narrative in separate recordings to make it easier to “splice” everyone together.

Once I decided to add ambient music, I went to the link provided by our instructor ( I found the music I wanted to use at I used the tools we learned in our tutorial to lower the sound of the music and to fade it at the end. During the responses by family members, you can hear others in the background. This is intentional as ‘ohana is never alone.

When I was done with the AA session, I exported the file so I could upload my audio story to Soundcloud and post it to my blog. I am looking forward to helpful feedback from my fellow classmates as they always share great ideas on how to improve my project.

Here is the URL in case it does not play.

The ambient music is from a track called “The End” by an artist who goes by the name Quietly Concerned. (
He shares his music under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (


6 thoughts on “Adobe Audition – Draft of My Audio Story

  1. This is a beautiful piece, Ramona. You provide a education in culture and the interviews are a heartfelt addition. The music track is fitting for the piece. The strolling arpeggio of the guitar gives a nice, upbeat rhythm that drives the narrative forward. Is the playing style a common one in Hawaiian culture?

    You have a nice, subtle decrease in the music volume at each of the interview portions. The music does seem slightly loud during your narration, which makes some parts of your speech a little more difficult to discern. I might suggest decreasing the music volume by 5-10 dB during your narration (and possible across the whole piece if you still want a noticeable change during the interview audio).

    Also, at 1:35 when it switches back to your narration the volume seems a step higher than in the rest of the audio. You may need to toy with the volume levels at this specific portion to line to make them sound more consistent with the rest of the piece.

    Your interview segments seem well chosen and focused on the theme. I don’t see any alterations needed here.

    Wonderful work!

  2. Ramona, I wasn’t able to get your draft to play above or from the link provided. It was silent and then stopped at 21 seconds on both of them? I will try from my work computer tomorrow.

    • Hi Tab,

      I just played both drafts and they worked. I played it in IE and Chrome without problems. I’m not sure why it won’t work for you. Sorry I can’t offer any suggestions to help you.


  3. Ramona,
    This is really good! I love the guitar in the background and think it all ties together really well, as well as incorporates the whole theme of your blog!
    The only thing I had a problem with was some of the volumes when everyone was talking. A few of them I could barely hear what they were saying! Also if there’s anyway to kind of get rid of some of the background noise from when your family is talking(the people talking in the background) I think that this would be perfect!
    Really great work! 🙂
    – Emma

  4. Ramona,

    It is so weird I have an Apple maybe that is why? Did you make it on a PC? I was able to listen to everyone else’s without issue. I tried yours at work too and it stopped again at 20 seconds and there was no sound even with my speakers turned all the way up. I’m so sorry I can’t provide feedback for your story. I really wanted to hear it.
    As for your blog post I think it was well written and tells us exactly what steps you used in Audition.

    I hope I am able to hear your final audio story.


  5. Hi Ramona,

    I think you audio draft is really great and beautiful piece. I like in the beginning that you enlighten your audience of the meaning of ohana for yourself and your heritage. Talking about your family made your peace very special then just focusing on yourself. The solo guitar was very good throughout the audio post. But I noticed that when your talking the guitar is louder then when the others are talking. The guitar goes along great with the meaning of not only your audio post but your whole blot as well. That could be changed for your final post so that it flows evenly throughout your post instead of up and down. Other then that I think that your post was great.

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