Final Logo


The topic of my blog is “About Me” and specifically about ‘ohana. In keeping with this theme as well as elements from my collage, I wanted to incorporate the plumeria flower lei and the word ‘ohana into a suitable logo for my blog.

My choice of colors was influenced by a few things. There is one thing that many tropical islands have in common, and that is bright vivid colors in its flora and fauna. That said, the plumeria comes in a wide range of colors from delicate whites & yellow to vivid fuchsias ( Another influence was the bright colors used in Crazy Shirts clothing back in the 1980s. Crazy Shirts started as a small T-shirt store in Waikiki ( With these things in mind, I opted to go with a hot pink to orange-yellow gradient.

To create the lei, I began by using the pencil tool to draw a petal and copied it repeatedly. Further adjustments were made by rotating the angle, and using the object transform and object arrange options. I used the gradient option to add color to the top petal layer, and filled the bottom petal layer with a solid color to add some depth and clarity to each petal of the plumeria. I created a circle using the ellipse tool to overlay each flower to create a lei that forms the letter “O” in ‘ohana.

My fellow classmates and instructor had some excellent feedback that I have tried to incorporate into my final design. I changed to the shape of the lei from a round circle to more of an oval and slightly rotated it to match the slant of the letters. I increased the size of the font used for “hana” because I needed a better balance in terms of weight and mass of the “O.” I felt there was too much white space so I added a background color with a 30% opacity to fade it. I centered the logo and placed a “frame” around it using the same gradient colors, with a -60 ° angle. Overall, I am happy with this design.



4 thoughts on “Final Logo

  1. This is beautiful, Ramona! You captured the slant of the lei perfectly, without at all disrupting its letter form. The subtle background color and the frame are both nice, fitting touches. I love the color scheme you selected for this project and it all comes together wonderfully. Great work.

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