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As you can see from my previous entries, the topic of my blog is “About Me” and specifically about ‘ohana. In keeping with this theme as well as elements from my collage, I wanted to incorporate the plumeria lei and the word ‘ohana into my logo. A plumeria lei symbolizes the bond between all that is good, and for me it represents the bond of family (‘ohana). Combining these elements seemed to be an ideal logo for my blog.

I began by using the pencil tool to draw a petal and copied it repeatedly. Further adjustments were made by rotating the angle, and using the object transform and object arrange options. I used the gradient option to add color to the top petal layer, and filled the bottom petal layer with a solid color to add some depth and clarity to each petal of the plumeria. I created a circle using the ellipse tool to overlay each flower to create a lei that forms the letter “O” in ohana. Once the circle of flowers was formed, I deleted the background. Using a matching gradient, I used the text tool to add “hana.” Although these steps sound simple and easy, it took numerous adjustments before I was satisfied with the look of my logo. I have included an image that shows different pieces used to create my logo.

Using the same gradient and colors in the lei and the letters unifies the two separate pieces. The balance of size between the two pieces places a slight emphasis the plumeria lei. I have not decided whether I want to make the size ratio bigger because, not only does this lei have special meaning within Hawaiian culture; the plumeria is my favorite flower.



7 thoughts on “AI Logo

  1. Hi,

    I loved your “O” in your logo, it’s so you, from what I’ve read in your post anyways. The coloring is beautiful and the simplicity of your overall design is wonderful. Did you create all of the lettering or just the “O”?

    Moving forward, I would say the white space outside the Ohana is just a little off and large, maybe make that negative space a little smaller, or make your logo larger so it is more balanced.

    Also the gradient in the “O” the top left there is some unused space, there is more white than any other part of the “O”. I’d just add another flower there, or two, to fill the space so it looks more uniform.

    Again, great logo I look forward to your final logo after the review process. You’ve done a great job thus far with Illustrator!


  2. Hi Tab,

    Thanks for your suggestions. The lettering (hana) was created using the text tool in Illustrator. I used the stroke tool to add an outline, and the fill tool to add the same color gradient used in the flower. Once it was colored in, I made a copy, reversed the gradient and placed it over the original.

  3. Very clever reversing the gradient to add that depth to the letters. I will keep method in mind for such effects. I don’t recall seeing it in any of our readings.

    The logo is simple and elegant. It has a pleasing aesthetic that would make it a fitting product label as well as an organizational logo. You have really captured the essence of a subtle but effective branding image.

    Tab has a good suggestion in filling that ever so slight bit of white space in the lei. The addition of a flower or slight re-positioning of the existing flowers should complete it smoothly.

    While it might not be a permanent change that makes the final cut of the logo, I would suggest trying to change the shape of the ‘O’. It’s a perfect circle currently, which makes it very readable, but I have never known a lei to take that spherical of a shape. You might try shaping it to look more like how a lei rests around someone’s neck. My hope is that it won’t negatively affect readability because it will look similar to the circles of the ‘a’s in the rest of your word, lending itself to consistency with your typeface. It seems worth trying for the visual effect. If you determine it doesn’t work you can return to your current version.

    Wonderful work!

  4. Hi Ramona,

    I really love your logo! It is simple and elegant, perfect for a brand logo somewhere. I think that your lei is superb. I really like the lettering as well. I don’t know why but I’m having a little trouble with your lei and letters being the same colors. I really like how the lettering is three dimensional in a way. I wouldn’t change it if I were you, I think its just me being weird. I like Tim’s suggestion of lengthening the lei a bit, so that it looks a little more oval than perfectly round. I think it would match up with your letters a little better as well since they seem to be a little elongated. I wonder also if there was some way you could give your flowers in your lei maybe a really dark pink outline or something? that way they stick out from each other a bit and don’t blend so much together when they are made really small? Those are my only suggestions as I think you did a wonderful job.

  5. Ramona,
    I absolutely love this!!! That ‘O’ looks like you put so much time into it and it is the perfect colors! You did an excellent job and I’m jealous of your idea haha! Like Tabitha, Tim, and Rhianna said, I think it would make it that much better by adding some movement to the lei. Making it kind of flow and not be such a perfect circle. Also, probably limit the white space in the back. Other than that I really don’t see any problems with it! You did an awesome job and I look forward to seeing what your final logo is! 🙂

  6. Hi Ramona,

    I really loved your logo, I think that it has a lot of love put into it. the coloring for this logo is very beautiful and spiritual. I really loved that you put the flowers as the “O” in your logo, it really makes you have to look at the logo in a different light this way. I think that it is really impressive that you got it to be a perfect circle. I noticed how you used the gradient in the flowers and the lettering I thought that was really good method to use. I think having the “O” so large might be something that you can change or make oval so that it looks like a normal “O”, instead of a circle of a ball. Also maybe filling some of that empty space so that your audience is even more drawn into the logo. Other then that I really think you draft logo was really good.

    – Jasmine

  7. Ramona,

    I like your concept for a logo. Creating petals and cloying them was a very good idea.

    I would scale the lei to rest of the letters and what if you made it more shapely like a lei. Not sure how it would look it you did a radiant gradient behind almost spotlighting the word.

    Overall, I think it was a great, easy, simple logo.

    Good job!


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