Introduction for COM210

The subject for my COM210 blog is “About Me.” I decided to take the professor’s suggestion for the reasons he listed in his video as well as for my own. The two main reasons he listed were:

  1. I should have easy access to an abundance of resources on the subject of “me.”
  2. It would be a good way to create an online portfolio about “me.”

I am not sure how professional this portfolio will be or whether I will show it to a potential employer, but it is one way to get to know myself better.

I had an interview last week for an internship with a non-profit organization. In retrospect, I would say, “I blew it!” I was unprepared for the questions I was asked—self-evaluation type questions. What is your greatest strength? What is your weakness? Why do you want to work here? All these questions should be “no-brainers,” right?

Spending a semester doing “About Me” projects should give me the opportunity to learn more about myself—my strengths, my weaknesses, and my talents and skills. I am told that I am my worst critic. Seeing me through other people’s eyes may boost my self-confidence on a personal and professional level. The added benefits will the relationships that may grow out of my research.

I am not sure what aspects of myself I will be covering in my assigned projects. If it comes to things that are important to me, then at least part of my work will cover my ‘ohana, or family. They are most important to me, and of great importance to Hawaiian culture. Overall, I think this class may enrich my life in more than one way.


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